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Greetings from the Director

Dear Visitors, a cordial welcome from the Director of the Danzanravjaa Museum.

I am happy to present the great cultural heritage of Noyon Khutuktu Danzanravjaa, who was the 19th century Mongolian enlightened master, outstanding poet and tantric expert, through this web site.

The Danzanravjaa Museum displays are very rare and invaluable historical monuments, those were worshiped in some periods of history while contempt and destroyed in others, and hence, hidden under the ground for many years. These are preserved and brought to us as a complex heritage throughout different paces of Mongolia, Mongolian People's Republic and present day democratic Mongolia and so on.

Danzanravjaa offered highly valuable contributions to the spiritual growth of our nation through his enlightening activities after he enthroned as the Fifth Noyon Rinpoche by his talent and knowledge, even though, he was born as a son of extremely poor family, and suffered as being orphan from childhood time. In 2006, the 150th anniversary of his highly attained being's parinirvana was respectfully celebrated all over the world by the 33rd session of General Conference, UNESCO. Likely, Danzanravjaa studies are not only enriching a treasure of Mongolian cultural and historical heritages, but also they have a considerably big place in the focus of the worldwide research works. The number of pilgrims and tourists, who visit to temples, museum and holy object complex established by Danzanravjaa, is getting over 50,000 per year, and so, they are contributing not only to developments of his native place, but also to the country. It is great honor and privilege for us to advertize and present Noyon Khutuktu Danzanravjaa's activities and works as well as valuable holy objects of cultural heritage those saved through uneven times.

If you have enjoyed your online preview of The Danzanravjaa Museum, I hope you will feel inspired to visit our galleries in person. I look forward to welcoming you.

May all be pleasant!