The studies on Danzanravjaa's life and works

The UNESCO decided to celebrate his anniversary world widely as a remarkable historical figure. Thus he became the first one whose anniversary celebrated world widely from Mongolia.

UNESCO was decided to associate with the 150th Annniversary of Danzanravjaa’s death in the scope of “celebration of anniversaries” from the 33rd session of General Conference, Paris 2005.

It was stated in the official documentation of UNESCO as, “Danzanravjaa Dulduit was a Buddhist thinker who had deep influences on Mongolian thoughts and culture for his manifold talents in music, architecture, philosophy and theatre as well as his refutation even in beyond Mongolian border. The most of his works are being re-introduced along with revival of Mongolian traditional culture.”

Based on this decision, the Government of Mongolia established an organizing committee for this celebration. Due in course of this celebration, many remarkable works were organized by the sponsorship of UNESCO. Those are: 1. “The Perfect Quality”, a collection of Danzanravjaa’s poems, was published; 2. “The Story of Moon Cuckoo” Play was re-staged at the Mongolian State Dramatic Theatre; 3. The Scientific conference on Danzanravjaa studies was organized.

Many prominent scholars, like an Academician Ts.Damdinsuren, Ph.D. D.Tsagaan, Ph.D. E.Oyun, Ph.D. D.Yondon, Academician L.Khurelbaatar, Academician D.Tserensodnom, Ph.D. G.Lhagvasuren, Ph.D. S.Khuvsgul, A.I. Gerasimovich and G.A. Uvarova of Russia, Walther Heissig of Germany, N.Poppe of USA and E.Gerel of China, etc, studied and published on Danzaravjaa’s life and works.

Today writings of Danzanravjaa were published in English, German and Chinese for the sake further studies of international readers and scholars. For example, his “The Collections of Poems” is translated into German by Petra Szemacha. “The Three Refuge Gems” song of Danzanravjaa is manufactured as a CD and distributed thousands of copies in China.

Likely, Singaporean citizen, Robert Kasteels composed melody for Danzanravjaa’s poem, title, “Sham, Shame” and produced CD. An USA journalist, Michael Corn published a novel, titled, “The Gobi Lama” on Danzanravjaa’s life and works.