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The 19th century Mongolian enlightened master, Precious Noyon Khutuktu

D.Danzanravjaa was born as the only son of a poor family, in Mergen Van County of Tusheet Khan Province (present Khuvsgul County of Dornogobi Province), in 1803 and enthroned as the Fifth Noyon Khutuktu when he was 9 years old.

He wrote hundreds of poems, lyrics of songs along with their melodies, plays and precept teachings besides of his religious activities such as establishing monasteries and temples like Three Monasteries of Khamar Mountain, Three Monasteries of Galba Mountain, Monastery of Ukhaa-Argalant and Burden Temple, etc, and performing daily rituals and prayers. He was educating and enlightening people through his school called "Children's Temple", Library, and Theatre called "Story Singing Temple" based on his monasteries.

He passed away in 1856 at the age of 53.

Danzanravjaa wrote his works in both Tibetan and Mongolian languages. Out of his works, over 400 poems, 100 songs, scripts of "The Story of Moon Cuckoo" Play, consist of 10 chapters, one volume of philosophical writing, title; "A Gem on Top of Giant Snake" are preserved to present day. Over 200 poems were composed in Tibetan. As a Rinpoche of Buddhist tradition, he wrote numerous instructions on various rituals and praises, precept teachings in a poetic way in Tibetan an Mongolian.

The 19th century Mongolian Poet of genius, Noyon Rinpoche Danzanravjaa was a well-known educator for his talent as well as his works not only in Mongolia, but also in the Oriental world. Many of his songs and poems such as "The Ways Revealing Paper Bird for Time", "Mind Pacifier", "Shame, Shame", "Your perfect Qualities", "An Old Man and Bird", "Calm and Pleasent", "Tender and Gentle Wind", etc, are quite popular even today.