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Curators of Noyon Khutuktu Heritage

After Noyon Khutuktu Danzanravjaa passed away, Sh.Balchinchoijoo (Dharma name Ish-lodon), a disciple of the Fifth Noyon Khutuktu, who had made a commitment to protect and preserve the Noyon Khutuktu's heritage and holy activities, was officially nominated as special curator in 1856. He acted as special curator throughout his life and passed on this responsibility to his son Gan-Ochir. Gan-Ochir passed it on to his son Narya after 33 years of service. He was succeeded by his son Ongoi, Ongoi's son Gombo and Gombo's son Tudev. That was the course of events up to 1938.

In 1938, when the destruction of Khamar Monastery was imminent, the young curator G.Tudev, who was only 25 years old, rescued 64 caskets of cultural items from the temple which was being guarded by soldiers, and buried them in various locations in the vicinity of Khamar Monastery under the cover of darkness. Entering the monastery surreptitiously night after night, he packed and removed crates full of Dharma texts, theatrical costumes, artwork, and religious as well as personal items used by the Fifth Noyon Khutuktu, ultimately saving 64 wooden chests out of a total 1500 or so. Today, these cultural heritage objects rescued and protected by G.Tudev for 52 years are displayed for people to look at both at the Danzanravjaa Museum and Khamar Monastery, that is to say they were an important basis for re-establishing and reviving the Noyon Khutuktu's home monastery and his Dharma activities.

All of displays at the museum and reviving temples, holy objects are most precious heritage complex of Mongolian history and culture those are preserved for 200 years through uneven times by the tremendous labor, knowledge and lives of curators for Noyon Khutuktu Danzanravjaa's heritage.

The Seventh and present curator Z.Altangerel is putting all his efforts to preserve, revive Noyon Khutuktu heritage, and re-introduce to modern minds in order to refine Curator activities and cope with modern world.